Bruxer splints, also known as occlusal splints or grinding splints, are custom-made splints designed to protect the teeth, Masseter (barely) muscles, jaw muscle and gums from night-time teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism).

Here is some important information about bruxism splints:

Function: Bruxism is a common problem in which people unconsciously grind or clench their teeth during sleep, which can lead to excessive wear of the teeth, discomfort in the jaw joint and other problems. Bruxers are designed to protect the teeth by acting as a barrier between the upper and lower rows of teeth, reducing the pressure and wear caused by teeth grinding.

Material: Bruxers are typically made of a strong and durable plastic material that is custom-made for the patient’s individual mouth. The material is usually transparent.

Fabrication: A bruxism splint is usually fabricated in several steps. First, the dentist or a specialist takes an impression of the patient’s dentition to ensure a precise fit of the splint. Based on this impression, the splint is custom-made in the dental laboratory and adapted to the patient’s specific requirements and needs. After completion, the splint is also adjusted directly on the patient to ensure optimum wearing comfort and functionality.

Use and care: Bruxer splints are usually worn at night during sleep to protect the teeth. It is important to clean the splint regularly to prevent bacteria build-up and to care for it according to the dentist’s or manufacturer’s instructions.

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  • Protection of teeth: Brux splints reduce the wear and damage to teeth caused by night-time teeth grinding.
  • Relief of discomfort: They can also help relieve discomfort in the jaw joint and muscle pain in the face and neck, which are often associated with bruxism.
  • Prevention of secondary problems: By protecting the teeth and temporomandibular joint, bruxism splints can help prevent secondary problems such as tooth loss or TMJ disorder in the long term.

Overall, bruxism splints are an effective and commonly used solution for treating bruxism and protecting the teeth from the harmful effects of night-time teeth grinding.